University of L'Aquila



  • Piero Di Carlo
  • Franco Giammaria
  • Cesare Dari-Salisburgo
  • Eleonora Aruffo


The instrument is a laser Induced fluorescence system for direct measurements of NO2 and of Total peroxy nitrate (∑PNs), total alkyl nitrate (∑ANs) and HNO3 after thermal dissociation into NO2. The detection limit of the system is 3.6 pptv/60s. The measurement rate is up to 10Hz that allow to measure the flux of NO2, ∑PNs, ∑ANs and HNO3 using eddy covariance technique.




The objective for SHARP is to quantify the flux of NO2, ∑PNs, ∑ANs and HNO3 in the urban environment and their role in the radical budget and ozone formation.

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