General Arrival Procedures

  1. Contact Barry Lefer (713-254-5113) or Jimmy Flynn (281-794-6708) or Christine Haman (678-447-2017).
  2. We will provide you with your welcome packet, visitor Cougar ID card, and instructions on getting a temporary parking permit (at the UH welcome center by the elevators).
  3. Please sign and date the insurance form (located at the Moody Tower lab).
  4. Start moving your equipment in the Moody Tower.
    • Note: There may be a crane in the parking lot for our tower Friday, April 17. They may be lifting our new micromet tower to the roof some time on Friday, April 17 weather permitting. During the 3 actual lifts we may not be allowed to work outside on the balcony or in the trailers. It is expected that the first and third lifts will be 30 minutes and the second lift will only be 1-2 hours.
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