I - Dates and Locations of Projects

Dates 15 April – 31 May, 2009

Locations of Projects

  • HONO Intercomparison Study (HINT) - MT
  • Surface-induced Oxidation of Organics in the Troposphere (SOOT) - MT
  • Houston Urban Boundary Layer Experiment (HUBLE) - UH Balloon Facility
  • Houston Ozonesonde Study – SHARP (HOSS) - UH Balloon Facility
  • Nitrylphenols in Houston Atmosphere - MT
  • Formaldehyde and Olefins from Large Industrial Releases (FLAIR)
    • Dual MAX-DOAS - Texas City & Mt. Belvieu
    • Imaging-DOAS - SE Texas
    • Solar Occultation Flux (SOF) and Mobile Mini DOAS - SE Texas
    • Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory - SE Texas
    • Aztec SHARP Flights (Supports FLAIR, Moody Tower, TREC) - SE Texas
  • Traffic Related Emissions of HONO and HCHO (TREC) - Houston
  • Study of HONO Surface Fluxes (HONO-FLUX a.k.a. SURF) - Houston

II - Power and Space limitations

Moody Tower Passage Measurements

Moody Tower has plenty of power going to T1-T3. Need to know how much power required for each group in case we need to balance loads going to a particular trailer. This will be in questionnaire.

Primary Limitation on Moody Tower will be Trailer Space. Each group need to ask for instrument footprint plus some access space. We will provide space in other nearby locations for supplies, tools, and portable calibration systems. Pretend you are on an aircraft. See questionnaire.

We are trying to rent two conferences rooms in North Moody Tower (17th and 14th floors) so PI groups can have place to work on data and store some calibration materials.

There will be two 40 foot storage containers at the base of the South Moody Tower. This will be used to store empty shipping cases and excess cylinders.

III - Personnel Restrictions

Moody Tower

Moody Towers is a UH undergraduate dormitory. All researchers working at Moody Tower will need a CougarOne Card to get access to Moody Tower every day.

Restrooms: The 17th Floor is a Women's Floor and restrooms are only open to women. Male scientists can use restrooms on the 16th or 14th floors.

Scientists are restricted to 14th floor conference room, 16th floor restrooms, 17th conference room, and 18th floor balcony only. No reason to be on other locations. Moody Tower lobby also has ATM, convenience store, and dining hall.

Having names of participants in advance will speed up access.

FLAIR Projects

HARC, TCEQ, UH, and FBI hope to have letters (with contact phone numbers) for Max-DOAS, I-DOAS, SOF, Aerodyne scientists to help them if they get stopped by security or other authorities. Please give names of all possible participants to Alex Cuclis well in advance.

IV - Shipping Information

Moody Tower
University of Houston - Moody Tower
Residential Life and Housing
Operations Department
4401 Wheeler
Houston, TX 77004

Att: Carlos Villarreal
Room 18
office: 713-743-6070
cell: 713-206-7921
e-mail: carlosv@uh.edu

All shipping cases and cylinders will be securely stored in 40ft. containers. Will experience ambient temperature variations.

VI - Housing Options


Debbie Fisher
Senior Account Coordinator, Oakwood Corporate Housing
10646 West Little York
Suite 350
Houston, TX 77041

PH: 1.713.995.5111
FX: 1.281.504.1494

Oakwood Corporate Housing

The prices for the 2 bedrooms range from $133-$135 per day, which equates to $3990-$4050 every 30 days (the Louisiana location being at $135 per day). These are discounted $5/day off normal rates as we asked for 4 apartments.

Metro Midtown
2350 Bagby Street
Houston, Texas

The Calais At Courtland Square
3210 Louisiana Street
Houston, Texas

Midtown Arbor Place
10 Oak Court
Houston, Texas

UH Travel and Housing Advice

Giovana Olivera Aguirre
University of Houston
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
312 Science & Research I
4800 Calhoun Road
Houston, TX 77204-5007
713-748-7906 (fax)

VI - Daily Forecast and Planning Meeting

At 1600 each day in Moody 17th Floor Conference Room we will host SHARP Forecast and Planning Meeting to discuss:

  • Weather forecast
  • CMAQ Forecast
  • Deployment strategies for SOF, Aerodyne, I-DOAS, ozonesondes and Aztec
  • Recent events and findings
  • Fly - No Fly conditions for early morning forecast

Meetings will be hosted via a gotomeeting.com conference call/webinar.

Meteorology Support provided by:

  • UH (Nicole Grossberg, Marc Taylor, Christine Haman, Matt Haworth)

VII - SHARP Web Pages

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