Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


  • James Cowin
  • Martin Iedema
  • Xiao-Ying Yu


  • TRAC - Time Resolved Aerosol Collecter - determines particle hygroscopicity, morphology, and composition
  • Sunset OCEC - uses the NIOSH thermal-optical method to determine organic carbon and elemental carbon
  • Lasair particle spectrometer - Particle number concentration and distribution: 0.1 - 1 um
  • Metcon radiometers - measure actinic fluxes and photolysis frequencies of NO2, NO3


Radical Initiated Secondary Aerosol Formation (RISAF) - Particle Measuring

  • The role of free radicals in paricle formation, particularly secondary aerosol
  • The role of oxidants, such as O3, H2O2, in particle formation and transformation
  • The effect of PM on O3 cycling, air quality, and public health in Houston
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