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  • Renyi Zhang
  • Don Collins
  • Simon North
  • Justine N. Geidosch
  • Katie C. Perkins

Simon North, Katie Perkins, and Justine Geidosch


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Our instrument uses cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) to measure ambient concentrations of dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5) and the nitrate radical (NO3) simultaneously. Sampled air is pulled through two Teflon cavities approximately one meter in length with two highly reflective mirrors on each end. Laser radiation at 662nm is injected into the cavities where it is reflected over a pathlength of several kilometers allowing for the detection of N2O5 and NO3 by absorption. Advantages to this technique are that both N2O5 and NO3 concentrations are measured from the same air sample with a low integration time (25-50s) to observe temporal variability. During the SHARP campaign, we hope our measurements will help to understand some of the heterogeneous sinks of N2O5 and NO3, especially on carbon soot particles.


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