University of Miami


  • Xinrong Ren
  • Elliot Atlas


  • LOPAP HONO - In this work the technique for atmospheric HONO and HNO3 measurements is based on aqueous scrubbing followed by the sample derivatization to a highly light-absorbing azo dye, which is then detected with a long path absorption photometer (LOPAP) [Lee and Zhou, 1993; Heland et al., 2001; Huang et al., 2002; Zhou et al., 2002a; Kleffmann et al., 2002].



Xinrong Ren Group

  1. HONO instrument intercomparison
  2. Study of the importance of HONO to the oxidation chemistry in Houston area
  3. Investigation of possible interference in the LOPAP HONO instrument

Elliot Atlas Group

  • To examine organic nitrate products from OH and NO3 oxidation of alkenes and other VOC.
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